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Classic Playing Cards Pocket Blue


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  • FAMILY TIME: Enjoy fostering great family fun with this awesome pack of classic poker game cards. These fantastic cards are great for playing card games such as Hand and Foot, Poker, and Solitaire. Each deck contains 52 suited cards and 2 jokers. With a length / width of 2.25"x 3.5", they are standard sized cards and should fit with anything that takes standard-sized playing cards, including boxes, shufflers, and card shoes.
  • GREAT QUALITY: Made with finest material to create card stock that will not tear or rip after the first use. Sturdy and flexible, they are easy to shuffle and do not bend easily. They have a light plastic coating for protection that gives it extra smoothness and strength.
  • TOUCH OF PORTABILITY: Fill those idle moments while flying or commuting with a bit of fun. These small playing cards take up negligible space in your purse, can hardly be felt in your pocket, and are great for a game solitaire in cramped spaces where a full-sized deck just wouldn’t be practical.
  • EASY TRANSPORT: Perfect size to fit in your pocket, and extremely lightweight, they are easy to carry around for when the need arises. All sets come in little boxes for easy transport. Great to grab for a road card game! Turn that long car ride into fun family time with these easy to carry cards.
  • VALUE SET : If you are the type to lose your cards pretty quickly then this twelve pack is perfect for you. they are great for knowing which deck you are using without them getting mixed up. With twelve different sets, you can always keep some handy where you might need it. Leave some in the classroom or put some away in the game closet, they are great value for a bulk pack.

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